World Class 1969 Ford Mustang Restomod

World Class 1969 Ford Mustang Restomod

More often than not, the sad thing about owning a documented collector’s car’s that you have to lock it in a bubble and drive it with the haste of a Brass Era survivor. Many aficionados are beginning to doubt the traditional purist’s adage: “original is always better.” Moreover, hobbyists who actually enjoy cruising their vintage hardware are beginning to buy slick, fully sorted classics. For example, like this incredible World Class 1969 Ford Mustang restomod.

This amazing muscle vehicle has an Aluminator V8, Viper-spec 6-speed, 4.11 gears, and a Detroit Speed suspension. The car’s unique interior accentuates its pro-tourer status. This Ford breaks par in one-car parades thanks to a comprehensive restoration that includes 3-piece Forgelines and Ferrari Red 2-stage.


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Best restorations start with solid autos, thus this Mustang’s stripped to bare metal to begin. The legendary body’s metal’s perfectly fitted. Moreover, the shape’s covered in Axalta Rosso Corsa 2-stage. In addition, carbon fiber splitter, mirrored bumper, shaved grille, and H4 headlights are well-chosen elements.

Sculpted fenders hint at a clean, emblem-free appearance with polished handles and color-keyed mirrors. A factory-style hood front capped wipers and polished, smoked glass. However, a shaved valance and mirrored bumper frame a billet fuel filler, and sequential taillights.

World Class 1969 Ford Mustang Restomod – COYOTE POWER

ford mustang with powerful coyote engine

This coupe’s broad hood conceals a 5.0 liter, DOHC Coyote V8 that turns effortless horsepower into pavement-scorching torque. This state-of-the-art rocket uses a forged crank, Boss 302 bearings, ARP-secured Manley H-beams, and Grafal-coated Mahle pistons out of the box. JLT Performance’s remote filter element feeds Ford Racing’s OEM throttle body at the top of the all-aluminum mill.

That throttle leads a short-runner, high-RPM Cobra Jet intake. Which shades factory-engineered heads built with Boss 302 springs. However, breathing’s optimized by custom stainless headers, supplied by Concord, North Carolina’s ProFabrication. In addition, a Roush Yates serpentine drive spins a requisite Roush Yates alternator opposite a low-mount AC compressor. Ample lubrication is provided by a deep-sump road race oil pan.

A huge C&R radiator with SPAL puller fans provides excellent cooling. However, the sleek powertrain is tidy, with sleeved wiring, fresh hoses, and carbon fiber-tinged cam covers. Moreover, the satin Black engine bay has billet fluid reservoirs, Roush Yates fuel rails, and Eddie Motorsports hood supports.


the underside of the ford mustang restomod

Behind the car’s buttery powerplant, a close-ratio, Viper-spec Tremec T56 6-speed spins a lightweight aluminum driveshaft. Moreover, that tube twists a fresh Ford 9-inch. It’s got a fluid pump, Truetrac differential, and 4.11 gears.

That versatile drivetrain rolls on a Detroit Speed QUADRALink rear clip, which features a thick torsion bar, tubular control arms, and JRi coil-over-shocks. However, that clip pushes a Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame front half, which centers rack-and-pinion steering between a second torsion bar, more tubular control arms, and more JRi coil-over-shocks.

At the corners of those bones, drilled and slotted rotors thread two Baer 4-piston calipers behind two Baer 6-piston calipers. However, at the center of the car’s glossy floors, Calico-coated pipes shuttle spent gases through an X-shaped crossover, tidy mufflers, and oval, side-exit tips.

Power meets the pavement through 3-piece Forgelines, which spin 295/35ZR18 BF Goodrich g-Force Rivals in front of 335/30ZR18 BF Goodrich g-Force Rivals. In addition, this Ford’s excellent build’s spiced with first-class details. For example, a Powermaster XS Torque starter and a big stainless fuel tank that gulps through a requisite CTS-V pump.

World Class 1969 Ford Mustang Restomod – TASTEFUL AND CLASSIC

the interior of the 1969 ford mustang restomod

Open the door to this awesome Mustang and you’ll find a fully restored cockpit that mixes the best elements of Ford’s Black vinyl interior with choice customization. Front-and-center, reclining Recaro buckets string 5-point Schroth Racing harnesses beneath a 4-point roll bar. In front of those seats, a dual-cowl dash hangs slick carbon fiber trim around New Vintage telemetry and controls for modern air conditioning.

Below that dash, a monochromatic console anchors a booted Hurst shifter in front of hidden Custom Autosound audio that’s threaded to six Rockford Fosgate speakers. Carbon fiber-trimmed door panels front power-operated windows. And the driver spins a Momo Competition steering wheel around a tilting Ididit column and small Wilwood pedals.

Very few classics possess the elite combination of performance and appeal offered by this incredible Mustang.

What year Mustang is Eleanor?

Possibly the most famous is the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 fastback that Nicholas Cage drove in the 2000 movie Gone in 60 Seconds. “Eleanor” is the car Cage’s character coveted and finally nabbed in the story’s big heist. Cage’s film was a clever remake of the original Gone in 60 Seconds from 1974

What is an R code Mustang?

This Ford Mustang Mach 1 “R Code” features a Wimbledon white/black vinyl color scheme. The R Code also includes a 428-CID Cobra Jet V-8 engine and a four-barrel carburetor. … The Mach 1 was created in 1968 and released in the 1969 model year as a performance-oriented option for the Ford Mustang.

What does GTA mean on a Mustang?

GTA isn’t a designation given to many vehicles, especially today. But what does GTA mean? The youngsters out there probably think of Grand Theft Auto. However, it’s used for a small number of Grand Touring cars. In addition, they came with an automatic transmission.

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