Gorgeous 1965 Corvette Restomod

Gorgeous 1965 Corvette Restomod

This second-generation Corvette restomod is one of the best cars ever created. In addition, with plenty of power and striking good looks, these Chevys are extremely fun to drive. Moreover, this Gorgeous 1965 Corvette Restomod inspires a cult-like following and provides one of the most enjoyable ownership experiences on the planet.

This stunning C2 pro-tourer is an amazing classic that’s ready for years of endless cruising. For example, look at its custom chassis, tastefully upgraded aesthetics, and 460 horses of third-generation LT1 small-block!

Gorgeous 1965 Corvette Restomod – RED LOOKS GOOD!

This gorgeous 1965 corvette restomod‘s a head-turning collector car. Moreover, it’s a jaw-dropping pro-tourer. In addition, the smashing Sting Ray is the product of professional, ground-up restoration. Sarasota, Florida’s Godspeed Rides restored it.

The top-notch build has been capped by a sinuous and equally solid body. For example, the body reflects vivid coats of smooth red 2-stage. In addition, they bent the body canvas for a wide array of custom and traditional details.

The 1965 corvette restomod’s Grand Sport-inspired charm begins with Satin Black bumpers. Moreover, these bumpers hang intense driving lamps before a blackout grille. In addition, that grille’s stacked on a reshaped valance and a Trans Am-style spoiler. Above that grille, a shaved header spins electric Detroit Speed headlights in front of a ’66-exclusive hood, which founds Satin Black louvers beneath Detroit Speed Selecta-Speed wipers and black-trimmed glass.

At the sides of that hood, a ridged profile centers functional heat extractors, familiar bowtie mirrors, and trick Ringbrothers door handles between widened fenders, widened quarters, and custom rocker guards. In addition, at the back of that profile, a reshaped valance peaks an attractive ducktail between an ornate fuel filler, a reshaped tag cove, and a custom, center-outlet exhaust. And that tag, complete with a rearview camera, complements black-trimmed taillights and two more Satin Black bumpers.


Like its incredible appearance, this Sting Ray’s engine highlights classic Chevy appeal with a virtual lifetime of technological improvement. Furthermore, lift the car’s Big Block Hood and you’ll find GM’s latest and greatest LT1: an all-aluminum V8 that, sourced directly from the pros at Pace Performance, twists a stout 460 horsepower into an impressive 465 lb./ft. of tire-shredding torque. Moreover, at the top of that mill, a K&N-capped air tube funnels breeze through a stock GM throttle body and a composite GM intake.

At the front of the mill, a billet Street Shop serpentine drive spins modern power steering opposite modern air conditioning. In addition, in front of those ancillaries, is a big DeWitts radiator sports dual SPAL cooling fans. Fires are sparked by proven MSD plug wires. However, exhaust exits through coated shorty headers. While details are on point, with a familiar Wilwood master cylinder complementing trick dipsticks, small K&N breathers, and quality American Autowire wiring.


This pro-tourer has a pristine, ready-to-go undercarriage. A fresh 6L80 6-speed kicks a 9-inch Currie pumpkin, which spins a posi-traction differential around mild, 3.00 gears. That world-class driveline is an integral part of a $31K SRIII Stage II tube chassis.

The driveline rolls on a seventh-generation Corvette suspension. At the corners of that fully independent suspension, Wilwood Hydratech hydraulics cinch seventh-generation Corvette Z51 brakes.

The aforementioned power steering fuels a Flaming River rack-and-pinion set-up. Custom, large-diameter exhaust funnels fried dinos through an X-shaped crossover and throaty Magnaflow mufflers. And at the corners, 3-piece Boze Lateral-G wheels throw torque through two 275/30ZR19 Pirelli P Zeros and two 335/30ZR20 Pirelli P Zeros.

Gorgeous 1965 Corvette Restomod – 21ST CENTURY STYLE

Pop the lightweight doors of this gorgeous 1965 corvette restomod and you’ll find a tasteful custom interior. The interior just continues this Sting Ray’s striking visuals. Front and center, patterned seventh-generation Corvette buckets sport red-stitched leather. Ahead of those seats, a suede and leather dash hangs Dakota Digital VHX telemetry and compact Rockford Fosgate audio above Vintage Air Gen IV climate control and a lighted “CORVETTE” banner.

At the center of that trifecta, a backlit console, complete with pushbutton transmission controls, traces the car’s floor. It actually extends all the way back to a lighted “GRAND SPORT” banner. Custom door panels front modern power windows. In front of the driver, an attractive Flaming River wheel laps a tilting Ididit column. And a red-stitched headliner frames a trick mirror that provides real-time rear views through the car’s rear-mount camera.

Storming the market over 65 years ago, America’s favorite sports car remains some of the hottest performances on the planet. This brilliant pro-tourer is a world-class custom that features a potent drivetrain. In addition, it has a modern suspension and many well-executed details that make it the perfect combination of show and go. There really isn’t a better hobby on earth than owning a classic car.

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Why is corvette called Stingray?

The name “Stingray,” or “Sting Ray” as it was written in 1963, evokes an immediate connection to predatory fish of the ocean. Indeed, two concept Corvettes shared the namesake of a Mako Shark caught by Bill Mitchell, Vice President of Design at General Motors, (1958-1977).

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