2022 High Tech Gadgets for Restomods

2022 High Tech Gadgets for Restomods

While smart home appliances have been increasingly popular in recent years, electronic car accessories have been available for decades. Nonetheless, advancement is constant in this industry, as numerous manufacturers strive to give the smoothest on-road experience for all drivers. While some are more adaptable than others, there are plenty of 2022 High Tech Gadgets for restomods (or keys) nowadays.

You can use a small vacuum cleaner or a solar-powered tire monitoring system to customize and maintain your car. There are several low-cost accessories in this niche that don’t work as well as the best and should be avoided. Check out our top 20 car gadgets before your next road trip.


For any old-school in-dash cigarette lighter, turning it on is a requirement. The Octeso Bluetooth FM Transmitter charges your phone up to four times faster than a standard charger. Furthermore, it offers crystal clear audio quality for streaming your favorite songs while driving. The voltage-detecting adaptor lets you use Siri and Google Assistant hands-free while driving.


Given that most Apple devices contain Find My, it’s worth putting an AirTag on anything that can’t track itself, like lost keys. Thanks to the small gadget’s built-in speaker, finding non-mobile gadgets has never been easier. Single or four-pack won’t disappoint.


While charging your phone on the road is necessary, leaving it plugged in on the side might be difficult. Especially, when you need directions or a song change. This device delivers convenient wireless charging capabilities into the driver’s seat by utilizing Apple’s ever-popular MagSafe technology.

This is the only car mount that is MagSafe compatible, making it a must-have for all Genius Bar regulars. It comes with a vent clip and a strong base to ensure your phone’s safety. Sure, we’re still a long way from hearing about the Apple Car. However, this is as close as we can get.



Amazon lured itself into countless homes through Alexa, leaving little choice but to take the virtual assistant on the road. Amazon’s Echo Auto has eight microphones to pick up your speech no matter how loud your AC/DC is. It streams Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Audible (of course). This device is for individuals who don’t want their voice-activated experience to finish when they leave.

2022 High Tech Gadgets for Restomods – NORSHIRE TIRE INFLATOR

NORSHIRE claims its portable tire inflator is the world’s smallest and lightest, and we wouldn’t argue. If it dies, you may plug it into your cigarette lighter or USB port for instant power. This gadget can inflate any tire, whether you’re mountain riding or have a flat.


A solar-powered tire pressure monitor will make your tire inflator more useful. As a result, consider Tymate’s alternative, which is the ideal dashboard addition. There are several alarm modes included, including a quick leak alarm, pressure alarm, and temperature alarm. This solar-powered gizmo makes any four-wheeler more accurate. that will relieve worry when things aren’t feeling level.


This cordless vacuum offers 45 minutes of power and double filtration, making it suitable for more than a car. Its metal design gives it a sleek appearance, making it stand out from other huge portable options. A clean vehicle is a happy vehicle, and removing crumbs is key to that.


This will come in handy no matter which side of the country you’re on. The S80 Breathalyzer from BACtrack is approved in all 50 states, which should come as no surprise given that it’s the most accurate option available. This handheld device will prove to be great for your next night out on the town, thanks to its long battery life, LCD screen, and simple operation. Make the safer choice for your own sake.


This updated Mirror Dash Cam is the perfect alternative to your old-school rear-view mirror, whether you’re an Uber driver or simply prefer the high-tech version of everything. It captures the front and rear film in 1080p and has a better view at night thanks to its built-in Sony Starvis Sensor, which can capture anything no matter what time you’re driving. WOLFBOX’s hybrid dashcam and mirror measure an astounding 12″ wide, ensuring that you’ll have no trouble backing up into any parking spot.


Handpresso’s one-of-a-kind, Nespresso-compatible brewing device makes preparing coffee on the way to work a breeze. The Auto Capsule can make a cup of espresso in less than three minutes and even has a digital display that shows how much longer it will take. It fits well in most cupholders and is guaranteed to be a convenient staple for any cafephile.



On a single charge, NOCO’s top multi-functioning gadget can do everything from charging your iPad to jumpstarting your car’s battery 40 times, making it an exceptionally useful device to keep about. Most significantly, thanks to its spark-proof technology, it keeps everything extremely safe. Simply connect it to any 12-volt automobile battery and leave it to work. It’s also a very tough device, as evidenced by its IP65 water resistance classification.


With so many mapping programs available for download on your smartphone, a dash-mounted Garmin GPS is no longer necessary, so the renowned manufacturer’s top-notch dash cam will suffice. Thanks to the tech company’s patented Garmin Clarity HDR technology, the 66W device can capture television-quality 1440p footage and can even take advantage of low-light scenarios.

Furthermore, this sleek dashcam has a wildly wide 180-degree field of vision while remaining comfortably compact. Finally, its Driver Alert feature allows you to keep check of your surroundings for enhanced safety, whether you’re driving out of your lane or being warned about a possible collision ahead.


With petrol prices set to rise wherever you go, it’s even more important to switch to electric vehicles. While you may consider an electric vehicle to be one of the best automobile gadgets in its entirety, they do have their own pantheon, and you’d be remiss to get one without a portable charger. Morec claims that its IP66-rated 32 Amp option can charge your electric vehicle up to six times faster than other EV chargers, making it a perfect alternative if you’re in a hurry to get back on the road.


The JP30 will undoubtedly help your next road trip. ICECO’s portable, hybrid fridge and freezer has an adjustable temperature range of -7 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that all of your snacks and drinks stay as cold as you want them. It’s powered by an environmentally friendly, automatic Danfoss compressor that even goes off when you’re not using it. Finally, because it’s designed for lengthy trips, the JP30 can operate regularly at a tilt of 40 degrees, making it an impressively tough piece of equipment for the long haul.


Valentine One continues to do what it does best, which is creating unparalleled radar detectors, with a brand-new format for its world-renowned security unit. The V1 Gen2 is the first to use K-Verifier technology, which improves resistance to blind spot detection.

It draws inspiration from classic, military-grade CHIRP radars. If you consider yourself a speed demon or have been admonished to slow down by any of your friends at any time, this is the pick-up for you.

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2022 High Tech Gadgets for Restomods