Buying a Two-Post Car Lift for a Restomod

Buying a Two-Post Car Lift for a Restomod

Working in restomods all day does not have to be physically demanding. Maintaining and repairing a vehicle using a high-quality, strong lift may relieve a lot of the pressure and work. Finding the correct lift for your garage or shop, on the other hand, can be a difficult undertaking. That’s why we wrote, “Buying a Two-Post Car Lift for a Restomod.”

Let us help you narrow down your selections if you’re ready to buy a two-post lift. Our two-post car lift buying guide will help you get a lift you’ll love, maximizing your time and productivity. First, decide if you want an overhead or baseplate two-post lift. Two-post lifts raise an automobile platform using two posts. A beam unites the posts at the top of an overhead design, supplying stability and support while taking up little space, giving you lots of work space and quick car access.

A larger plate beneath the vehicle, due to the baseplate design, can prevent adequate access to the vehicle, making it impossible to install attachments like tall stand supports or a transmission jack. Baseplate designs feature shorter structures and fit well in low-ceilinged garages.


Buying a Two-Post Car Lift for a Restomod – Symmetrical or Asymmetrical?

Consider symmetrical vs. asymmetrical designs. Front arms are shorter than back arms in asymmetrical designs. This allows the driver to park closer to the posts, simplifying the task. They save space by allowing closer post spacing.

Due to their high level of support, symmetrical lifts are ideal for heavier trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles. Larger vehicles have closer-to-the-front doors, making them easier to approach and exit with an asymmetrical lift.

Pricing and space are more significant than elevator design. Ensure your shop has the means to install a powerful lift so you can work safely and confidently. Consider the classic car you’ll restore.

Heavy-duty lifts are more expensive, but you should be prepared for any vehicle. Choose a heavier weight than you think you’ll need to face any situation. Used lifts might save money, but they require upkeep and repairs. Investing in a new, high-quality lift could save you money over time.

Why You Should Use a Storage Lift for Your Restomod

When you own a classic car, whether it’s a box car from the 1920s or a muscle car from the 1950s, it’s critical to keep it in the same condition as when you first bought it. Classic vehicle collectors value cars like this highly.

The car’s exterior should never be worn, scraped, or dented, even if it’s never been driven. Even if you don’t plan to sell the car, it should be well-maintained. These cars will become scarcer over time. Few will own or see your classic automobile.

For these reasons, you must protect your historic car. Hoisting the car with an auto lift is one of the best uses for it. A two-post or four-post elevator can prevent the body and vehicular mobility in the garage.

The best historic vehicle lifts fit in residential garages. Use a portable or tethered lift to keep the car off the ground and out of the way while you work in the garage. In this manner, a bike or moving object won’t scrape or dent the car.

Keep the restomod off the ground

If you have a restomod vehicle parked on the ground inside your garage, you could easily scratch the paint or cause other minor damage as you carry tools around within the garage’s confined spaces. If you park your vehicle next to your tool cabinet, for example, the damage could easily occur as you move trays, carry boxes, or handle saws or hammers. Furthermore, you may be tempted to place boxes on top of the vehicle as you search for stored belongings.

The use of an auto lift can also help keep your vehicle safe as you open and close the garage door because it won’t be grazed by any part of the door. The best classic car lift will provide safety in both single and double-car garages.

A lift will also protect your classic car from the vehicles you drive. You won’t have to worry about driving in too close if you store a classic vehicle in a two-car garage next to the active vehicle you park and pull out every day, because the classic car will be above rather than beside the area where movement occurs.

Most importantly, classic car storage lifts keep valuable vehicles safe from thieves. While any skilled thief can hotwire an automobile and possibly pick a door open if he knows what’s inside, no thief will bother with a vehicle that must first be lowered from an auto lift. In essence, an auto lift will provide you with complete protection against incidental damage, sideswipes, and auto thieves.

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