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When it comes to retrofitting your historic car with aftermarket air conditioning, it’s a contentious subject that’s typically frowned upon. For starters, there are purists who believe that a classic car should only be restored to the specifications to which it was built, and there are countless others who are wary of repairing or replacing an A/C unit due to bad personal experiences—or the countless horror stories they’ve heard about doing so.

This industry has long been shrouded in uncertainty. Poor factory air quality, inexperienced technicians, and the high costs of fixing or modding vehicles to accept aftermarket air are just a few of the difficulties on the list.

Fast forward to now, and things have significantly changed. Thanks to technological advancements, the fire that previously surrounded A/C talk has subsided and been replaced with wonderful reviews.

Today, we have aftermarket air conditioning kits that are simple to install, dependable, and come in a variety of configurations to meet your individual platform. These replacement units eliminate the need to fix older A/C compressors, and there are several options to pick from. Each of the firms listed below has units that will keep you cool, from vehicle-specific to universal platforms.

Vintage Air


Are you tired of wrestling with cables and A/C control switches? Are you sick of the heat? With the Vintage Air Gen-IV SureFit Systems complete kits, you can finally relax.

They’ve been operating since the mid-’70s and have long been the preferred supplier for some of the industry’s best custom builders. All of their kits are fly-by-wire, which means no more fiddling with cable tension or fighting it. This system is electronic, which means it is controlled by electronic servo controls, eliminating the need for capillary tubes.

All Gen-IV systems are model-specific and feature climate-control technology that allows for real-time bi-level airflow and “just right” temperature air blending. Each kit includes an evaporator, condenser, and drier package, as well as brackets, mounting hardware, and instructions for a professional finish that keeps your car’s value and cool appearance.

Restomod Air


Restomod Air provides more than just cool, with three model lines to pick from (Custom, TruMod, and Underdash). The style of their A/C vents reflects their attention to detail, and one look should be enough to convince you.

Restomod Air takes pride in combining function with style, and they spend a lot of time designing and styling the only true aftermarket A/C systems.

If engine aesthetics are important to you (and you don’t want to drill into your beautifully completed firewall), check out their Underdash systems, which use high-torque dual-shaft blower motors linked to a properly sized evaporator. In plain English, what does that mean? Without butchering your firewall, you may tuck it beneath your dash in an all-inclusive container.

The evaporator coil, blower motors, and controls for fan speed and temperature control are all housed in the under dash air conditioning system. To connect all of the components, this unit is utilized in conjunction with a condenser, compressor, receiver/drier, and hoses.

Classic Air


Aside from supplying factory original (OEM) A/C systems and conversions, the guys at Historic Auto Air also provide aftermarket systems for classic cars from 1950 to 1970.

If you need aftermarket air conditioning, their “Perfect Fit” systems use cutting-edge technology to get the job done. In addition, model-specific units are available that employ the original heater controls and dash louvers while offering powerful air conditioning, floor heat, and dehumidified defrost.

The original heater-defrost diffusers are connected to the air conditioning and defrost. They also offer pre-bent tubing for easier installation, and you can send them your dash controls to have them modified to function with the current air/heat system and appear more authentic.

Brook Walsh

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