1955 Chevrolet 3100 LS3 Powered Restomod Truck

1955 Chevrolet 3100 LS3 Powered Restomod Truck

In a perfect world, we could all enjoy a 1955 Chevrolet 3100 LS3 Powered Restomod Truck without fear of reliability issues. Moreover, the cost or some freak accident ruining a prized possession. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality, and most classics integrate a fair amount of late-model hardware. As a result, there is an increase in both safety and reliability. Take this 1955 Chevrolet 3100 LS3 Powered Restomod Truck, for example.

This restomod wraps a tasteful aesthetics around a spry TCI chassis and smooth LS3 power plant. Moreover, it has a trusty 4L65E 4-speed transmission. As a result, this all-American Chevy is a great driver that mixes hot performance with proven style.


Fully sorted and ready to roll, this super cool pickup is the beneficiary of a comprehensive, ground-up restoration. In addition, the paint itself is set off by a glossy black 2-stage. In addition, that exceptionally classy pigment highlights better-than-factory alignment. Moreover, the paint’s seated in even planes and tight gaps. And that incredibly straight profile mixes solid panels with tasteful customization.

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At the front of the truck’s svelte body, a prominent chrome grille hangs clear parking lamps between a polished bumper and modern headlights that allude to classic Frenching. However, behind that façade, a stainless-trimmed hood leads the eye to 2-speed RainGear wipers. Moreover, the wipers clear a crisp, 5-window greenhouse that’s finished with 1-piece side glass.

That glass splits a handsome profile, dotted with polished mirrors and polished door handles. However, at the back of the pickup, polished stainless secures red planks around a polished fuel filler. Moreover, there’s a custom roll pan that’s finished with Lokar LED taillights.

1955 Chevrolet 3100 LS3 Powered Restomod Truck – CHEVROLET PERFORMANCE POWER

LS3 Swapped Motor in the 1955 Chevrolet 3100 Powered Restomod Truck

Gaze upon this Chevy’s smooth, body-matched engine bay and you’ll find 6.2 liters of modern GM small block that provides a perfect blend of athleticism and drivability. However, officially known as the Chevrolet Performance LS3, that fresh crate engine twists respectable 10.7 to 1 compression into 430 horsepower and 425 lb./ft. of torque.

At the top of the block, a K&N-capped air tube funnels wind into a proven GM throttle body, which feeds a vivid GM intake. Moreover, that air meets spark in rectangular-port L92-style heads, which ride under vivid, Corvette-themed rail covers. A nodular crank, powdered connecting rods, and hypereutectic pistons compress that volatile union. In addition, a bumpy hydraulic roller cam maximizes intake efficiency through better breathing.

Speaking of breathing, the smooth mill funnels spent gases through coated CPP block huggers. In addition, there’s a tidy PRC radiator that’s slid in front of a big spry SPAL puller fan. However, modern serpentine components spin a lucid alternator opposite a coated AC compressor.

1955 Chevrolet 3100 LS3 Powered Restomod Truck – AN EXCELLENT CORE

gorgeous underside in the 1955 Chevrolet 3100 LS3 Powered Restomod Truck

Slide under this rig and you’ll find a fresh undercarriage founded on a C-notched Total Cost Involved chassis. At the front of those body-matched bones, a modern independent suspension balances quality drop spindles and RideTech coil-overs behind power rack-and-pinion steering. Opposite that clip, a 9-inch Ford axle pushes a 4-link rear-half, finished with a diagonal link, that cages two more RideTech coil-overs. That pumpkin twists torque thanks to a reliable 4L65E 4-speed.

That momentum’s countered by a floor-mount brake booster, which charges stainless lines to clamp four calipers around a combination of drilled, slotted, and vented discs. The aforementioned headers dump spent gases into coated pipes, which employ coated Flowmaster mufflers. And at the corners of the floor polished Racelines spin 225/45ZR18 Nitto NT555 Extreme ZRs in front of 245/40R20 Nitto NT555 Extreme ZRs.


custom interior in the 1955 Chevrolet 3100 LS3 Powered Restomod Truck

Modified in the same tasteful manner as its timeless body, this truck’s custom interior is an exercise in style and solitude. Front and center, a massaged dash hangs stainless-trimmed Dakota Digital VHX telemetry next to controls for modern air conditioning. Beneath that dash, rich carpet floats a custom console beneath a Planet Audio head unit and switches for the truck’s power windows.

At the edges of that console, bolstered leather seats look great next to custom, billet-trimmed side panels. And the driver stays connected to the road through a classic Chevy steering wheel, which laps a tilting Ididit column.

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1955 Chevrolet 3100 LS3 Powered Restomod Truck