Best Winter Storage Gear for Restomods: Top 5 Pics for 2022

This is a picture of a classic car being stored in the winter

Ok, the summer is over and winter is approaching. Your restomod needs to be winterized for a long brutal winter. How do you do it? Well, you can read the complete guide to winterize your restomod. And, it will give you all the information you need to do it properly and protect your investment

However, you don’t need a lot of tools or Wizbang gadgets to winterize your restomod. But, it’s nice to have a few specialized products that will help you winterize the restomod in an efficient, professional, and reliable manner.

The five things I recommend that every restomod owner gets for winterizing their vehicle are:

  • This car cover on  Taking a car cover on and off a car can be a frustrating experience. This one is nice because it has an elastic hem around the bottoms for a snug fit.
  • This jack stand on  Flat spots in tires are a common problem when storing your restomod for the winter. This jack stand is nice because it works with trucks or cars and with unibody vehicles.
  • This battery on  Battery technology has changed over the years, but some things never change. Store your battery correctly or replace it. If you have to replace it, this is an amazing choice.
  • This battery tender on Dealing with dead batteries is a cumbersome process that can be avoided. This battery tender is VERY unique in that it can actually recover a discharged battery.
  • This car dolly on Nothing is more frustrating than having to jockey stored items around in the dead of winter. This car dolly will allow you to EFFORTLESSLY move the car without it even having to start.

Car Covers

A car cover finally made the list on my best winter storage gear. The days of placing a sheet over your highly modified and fully restored classic car are over. Given the financial and emotional investment in the restomod, you should consider buying a proper cover. The general idea is to avoid dust and bird/rodent droppings. The main advantage of a proper cover is it breathes far better than a tarp, which can trap moisture.

The car cover I recommend is the Leader Accessories platinum guard cover (click to see the price on What I like about this car cover is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Straps and buckles at the bottom protect the car from heavy wind and blowing off. The breathable material protects the vehicle from UV rays, dirt, dust, and industrial pollutants.

Jack Stand

Flat tire spots are a real problem and jack stand remains part of a winter storage gear recommendation that can completely remove this challenge. In addition, the suspension is aided as well by not supporting the vehicle’s weight. Not sure if this makes a huge difference but it certainly can’t hurt.

The jack stand I recommend is the Powerbuilt Black Alltrade (click to see the price on The safety bar will lock the restomod at the desired height. You can safely lift a pickup truck, off-road vehicle, and regular and unibody cars and trucks. This is a flexible jack stand and it will handle a 3-ton load.

Note: Jack stands don’t necessarily help the suspension of a vehicle with an air-adaptive suspension.


As I mentioned in a previous article, a car battery is often thought of as running the vehicle’s electrical system. This is not true as the alternator performs this function while it’s running. When the car is off, the battery does run the car audio and electrical system of the car though.

If you find yourself with a battery that will not charge after being stored for the winter, you should consider upgrading to one with the latest technology. The car battery I recommend is the Optima Yellow Top Dual Purpose Battery (link to check price on Amazon) because it’s designed for heavy accessory usage vehicles. And, it has a very high level of cranking power and cycling capacity.

Battery Tender

A battery tender is an important piece of your winter storage gear that allows you to leave the battery in the car for winter storage. The advantage of this approach (battery tender) is that you can start the car a few times in the winter which I recommend (see next tip). Starting the vehicle with a battery tender, as opposed to having to haul the battery in and out of the vehicle, will prove to be a good decision.

The battery tender I recommend is the NOCO GENIUS1, 1-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger (click here to see the price on Amazon). This battery tender allows you to store your vehicle indefinitely without it getting damaged or needing a recharge. In addition, it automatically maximizes battery life and performance with a built-in health mode.

Car Dolly

A car dolly is an underappreciated tool for restomod winter storage gear. I don’t know about you, but I have to re-arrange multiple storage items throughout the winter. This domino effect of musical things in storage is mind-bogglingly frustrating. That is, it used to be until I learned about a car dolly.

The wheel dolly I recommend is the OTC tools 1572 car dolly (click to see the price on This car dolly has groundbreaking patented technology that allows it to be clamped directly onto the vehicle’s wheels. This means you can actually move the vehicle WITHOUT the tires on it!

Because the system has two pieces, you never have to adjust the width or match the tire placement. And, each lift saddle has a rubber pad on it top reduce friction and it will not hurt a vehicle’s frame. Moreover, polypropylene casters allow for easy movement.


Winter storage is something that often is the worst part of restomod ownership. Not just because we have to put our toys away for winter. But, also because its just one more thing we have to manage. These practical recommendations have really helped me organize my activities and made the overall experience significantly better, they truly have.

I hope you will find this post helpful that you have very successful winter storage experiences going forward. Check out the other sections of my blog for more tips on the restomod lifestyle.

Where should I store my car for winter?

Choose a safe and dry building to house your car during the winter. A home garage, can work just fine. If you don’t have a garage, look for a storage facility that has a concrete floor, not bare earth like in an old barn.

What do you put under your tires when storing your car?

You can put the rubber mats or carpet under the tires, or air the tires up to 50 psi for winter storage so the tires do not get flat spots on them

How long can a car sit without being driven?

In light of the risk factors, do not allow any more than two weeks to pass without driving your car if you expect it to start again. If you plan on letting your car sit for long periods of time, take the measures needed to protect it.

Should I cover my car in winter?

Yes. Protect Your Vehicle With a Car Cover. In fact, a car cover is one of the single best things you can do for your vehicle during the winter weather season. In addition to protecting your vehicle from snow and ice, car covers also protect your automobile from theft.

This pin is an illustration of the best winter storage gear for a restomod